Programmhinweis: Queer as Punk am Sonntag 24. November13 19:30 Uhr im Tristeza

@ Nichtraucher_innen-Raum

This month’s Queer Film Klub explores a badly kept secret: PUNK WAS ALWAYS GAY! Punk was the musical social movement and societal “fuck-off statement” that had at its front from the get-go, queers and women, without becoming an identity movement. In the spirit of punk’s outsider embrace of women and queers, the month we show two films with punk sensibility embracing the marginalized.

AND: We have two super exclusive queercore classic shorts that have rarely been screened in Berlin! You ain’t gonna find these on YouTube.

19:30 TIMES SQUARE (1980).
A film about two teenage girls from opposite sides of the tracks who form a punk band and take New York City by storm. Fed up with control by a mental institution, they form Sleez Girls as a big middle finger to the powers that want to keep them under control and behaving like “proper ladies”. A punk rock cult film classic that includes battling an evil NYC DJ played by Tim Curry!

22:00 Queer auteur Derek Jarman’s JUBILEE (1978).
Filmed during the height of the original British punk rock movement, Jarman captured the camp as well as the nihilism that was at the core of London’s scene at the time. In a time-travelling dystopian saga, Queen Elisabeth I is transported years into the future to survey the wreckage of modern society. The cast of Jubilee included not only The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Nittle Nell and Richard O’Brian, but many infamous punkers from the era, including Jordan, The Slits, Adam Ant, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Jayne County (punk’s trailblazing transgender icon) as Lounge Lizard.

Free entry, movies start on time. Barrier-free, smoke-free.

Veranstaltet von: Queer Film Klub


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